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links I love // brittany bekas photography //

After an AMAZING weekend complete with 50 degree temps, sunshine, a gorgeous wedding AND a the cutest little 4-month baby session, I feel that a little procrastination is deserved. So if you are looking to avoid your to-do list this morning, check out some of these links that I just love as of lately.

>> I can’t stop listening to this song ever since Phil told me to download it.

>> Pretty much all of these reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer are true…. (sorry, Phil!)

>> Learn how to address an envelope like a pro.

>> I’ll be adding these yummy soups in my go-to meal list.

>> This will make you think twice about what you ask google.

>> I have always wanted to learn to DIY a boutonniere

>> I am wishing some of these 13 trends would come back in style too.

>> Any chance this rose gold flatware set can magically show up at my apartment?

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