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When I think of December, I think of cookies, the scent of fresh pine and lots of sparkle … and that … well it makes me giddy. Phil and I will be trading in our beach afternoons mid-month for afternoons cuddled up on the couch catching up on Homeland, How to Get Away with Murder, and Modern Family. In between my hibernation and tv binge, there are a few other things I need / want / hope to get crossed of my list this month. Here we go … last month of 2014.

NOVEMBER TO – DO LIST [ update ]

>> Photograph my parents in a special 30 year anniversary session on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman : Technically we took a few photos this morning, but I am still counting it. :)

>> Shoot with my wider lenses for some wide photos (I just adore my 70-200 so it is time to love my 24-70 a little) :  While I left this lens in Chicago when I came back to Grand Cayman, I did use this for the weddings / sessions at home. I just need to use it a little more.

>> Look at my surroundings with fresh eyes and a new perspective 

>> Relax and watch Gone Girl / Hunger Games / Before I Go To Sleep. I read all the books, so now it is movie time : I’m hoping we go see Hunger Games sometime in the next week now that our visitors are leaving but the others will have to wait until we get back to Chicago (since the theater here doesn’t have them).

>> Celebrate my first Thanksgiving out of the country … island style : Thanksgiving on the island = lots of seafood and a little turkey. It all was delicious!

>> Spend 4 days shooting just for me – including using my Holga while in Grand Cayman : Truthfully, I haven’t been really inspired to pick up my camera and shoot for fun while I have been here. We have 8 days, so I am hoping to spend one or two hours shooting for fun.

>> Select 40 images for my updated wedding portfolio (this really should be to-do #1) : This is a work in progress, and I will have to finish it when I am back in Chicago mid-month because the current portfolio didn’t make it on my hard drive for our time in Grand Cayman. However, I have been pulling all the pretty photos from what I have been editing, so it will just be a matter of picking my absolute favorites. I really, want to half cross this off …. because it counts, kinda. :)

Grand Cayman Island Seven Mile Beach Sunset Photos


>> Sip on hot chocolate and watch Christmas Vacation (my favorite Christmas movie!)

>> End my 2014 wedding season with a destination wedding in Punta Cana

>> Take one week off to celebrate the holidays with my friends and family and to just relax and get organized before 2015

>> Decorate our mini tree and winterize the apartment

>> Print my work (including those South East Asia photos sitting on my computer)

>> Prep and launch my 2014 social media contest

>> Make at least one batch of Italian pizzelles (one of my fav cookies)

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