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April, how did you come and go … and not give us a taste of spring? I feel like April was a catching up month for me. I photographed 3 weddings and 3 sessions all while trying to get ready for the busy months ahead. Looking back on my to-do list, I only managed to complete a few things (sigh), but I feel like I was on-the-go the whole time … staying super busy. May is looking pretty similar – 3 Chicago weddings, a handful of lifestyle and engagement sessions (hoping Spring finally gets here!), industry events and a few girls nights including a Kentucky Derby Part this weekend. Yet, I’m not slowing down anytime soon, so my list for May is a long one.


>> Eat less carbs … and more veggies (a goal from my 12 goals for 2014) : Does veggies on pizza count? I’m not sure how I really did on this one … probably not as good as I could have … so I guess I won’t cross it off. Sigh.

>> Submit at least 3 weddings/sessions to blogs this month : one submission … eh it is a start. :)

>> Eliminate. I’m trying to purge half of my stuff (but I’ll be happy if I get rid of 25%)  I have gotten rid of SO much stuff. And it feels great. Being able to look into my closet and actually like EVERYTHING in there is the best feeling. But I know I will be doing more eliminating throughout the year. I just feel better with less.

>> Buy less “things” and more “experiences” : I did a little summer shopping, but otherwise I have been saving for the next big trip and only treating myself to drinks with friends, massages and dinners.

>> Book one more 2014 wedding! (I’m just one away from my goal – who is it gonna be?!) : I’m still taking a handful of 2014 weddings … so e-mail me if you need a rockstar photographer. :)

>> Edit all of my South East Asia photos and start designing an album of them : So I’m super behind on getting any personal editing done. Maybe before Phil gets home in June this will be complete.

>> Design and print new sample albums + samples of my new products : These are on the way … and I am so excited to start showing them to all my clients during consults and sessions.

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>> Spend one afternoon with my new (purple) Holga 120N camera and Kodak TMAX 400 black and white film – for fun!

>> Read Picture Perfect Posing + one FUN book this month (part of my 12 goals for 2014)

>> Update my portfolios to include some of the work I shot last year (sad, but the last time I updated my portfolio was last year … eeek)

>> Finish my two pairs of DIY cut-off shorts (a tie project + bleach dying + studs …. just wait!)

>> Design WEDDING WELCOME packets

>> Edit / blog / design / print some of my South East Asia photos. This one breaks my heart because I know it will always be on the bottom of my to-do list. So it is back for May.

>> Schedule one afternoon a week of “me” time (reading blogs, magazines, organizing, journaling, etc)

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