“For someone who is afraid of everything….you haven taken some giant risks,” read my birthday card from Phil.

I admit it. I am afraid of …well .. a lot of things.

1. Heights.  Yes, I have no problem living on the 34th floor of a hi-rise, but when I have to scale the side of a mountain on the way to Machu Picchu or go across a raging river in Peru in a basket (yes, it was a metal basket)…. I hate heights.

2. The Ocean. I love the sand, surf and the beach, so what scares me? The other creatures lurking below. Sharks, sting rays, piranhas, jellyfish….. I’m getting nervous just typing this.

3. Small spaces. Packed elevators. Narrow hallways. Having my face under the blanket. If I feel trapped, I am very anxious.

4. Failing. Yes, the thing I am most scared of is failing. Failing at my dream. my passion. my love.  Every day, I worry that my clients are going to hate their images. I worry that new clients will stop contacting me. I worry….that this amazing job that I love more than everything I have ever experienced will all go away.  And it that fear … the fear of not having this that makes me work twice as hard and makes me appreciate it 100x more.

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