OBSESSIONS // feburary


1. SOCK BUN  // With the hot, hot Thailand weather, I am rocking a sock bun just about every day (and night). I could not live without my hot bun sock bun on this trip. If you don’t have one, and you love to wear a sock bun this is a must! #soinlove

2. H2O // It is a goal for 2014 to drink more water, and I have been trying really hard. When you can buy a 1.5 liter bottle for $.50, I have been enjoying the cold calorie free drink as much as possible.

3. I AM MALALA // I’m about 70% through this book (thank you Kindle for the progress). I think every female should read this book to realize how women around the world do not have the freedom we take for granted. Amazing story about a brave little girl … add this to your list for 2014.

4. PEOPLE // It is amazing when you leave the country, how little importance TV plays in your day to day life (we only have one english channel, so I’d rather not watch TV than watch what they have been airing.) So instead, I have become totally obsessed with people watching here. During meals, walking around, hanging on the beach … I can’t stop. Think of it as inspiration for posing and creating moments … or just call me a creep. ;)

5. PAD THAI  // I had an inkling that I would be loving this authentic dish once I got to Thailand because I adore it at home. I’ve been here for X days, and I’ve managed to eat this dish X times. I’m planning on learning to make it when we head north to Chiang Mai.

Anything you are wearing too much or watching too much? Let me know what you love this month!

IMAGE CREDITS // 1. sock bun // 4. brittany bekas photography  // 5pad thai
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