OBSESSIONS // september


1. BEACHY WAVES // For most of my life, I adored my stick straight hair. Now, all I want is beachy waves. My new go-to look.

2. OPI CUTICLE OIL  // I used to cut my cuticles …. all-the-time. But now I keep this little bottle on my desk and I apply daily. Elle Wood’s manicurist would be proud, just saying.

3. BLUEBERRIES // I am trying to eat more “clean” foods and lately, and blueberries are my current fav. Perfect for snacking or to toss in yogurt for an easy (healthy) breakfast.

4. BOOTIES // Boot season is quickly approaching, and while I should be soaking up the last few warm Chicago days and wear my sandals, I have already been wearing these booties from Nordstrom every day.

5. YOU’RE THE WORST // If you haven’t tuned into this FX show, give it a shot. It is pretty funny … and who doesn’t love a guy with a British accent.

Anything you cannot get enough of? Let me know in the comments.

IMAGE CREDITS  // beachy waves // OPI // booties via nordstrom  // you’re the worst via TV Rage

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