Things have been a little quiet on the blog, and I promise you I have a good reason for it. I am traveling through South East Asia for two months with Phil during my off-season. Yes, we escaped snowy, cold Chicago for Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. It it my first time ever traveling this far (the farthest I had been was Italy) and my first time in Asia.

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I am beyond excited to be traveling and photographing all the beauty and culture around South East Asia. Yet, like any other Type A personality, I cannot simply just take it all in … no, I have a nice little bucket list of things for our trip and our time away from Chicago.

// Relax with a Thai massage

// Meet an elephant

// Take a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai

// Try pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup)

// Photograph Angkor Wat at sunrise/sunset

// Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year in Hoi An

// Soak up the sun in Phuket

// Take photographs of the tigers at the tiger temples in Thailand …. and I must be in at least one

// Attend a full moon party in Koh Pha Ngan

// Get a custom made dress in Hoi An

// Snorkel in Nha Trang

// Meet and travel with new people from around the world

// Release a lantern

// Go to as many markets as I can … there are tons all over South East Asia, but a floating market is a must

// Chat with a monk

// Get a fish pedicure

// Live, enjoy and have no regrets about the next 2 months – from take off to landing.

As we travel along, I know my list will continue to grow. I will be blogging throughout the trip and sharing photos from our adventure, so stay tuned. #bbphotoinasia

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