One month into the 2014. Can you guys believe it?! I am in shock at how fast time is going, yet I can’t believe how much I have done in the last 31 days. New experiences certainly make time seem longer, and that is something I am extremely grateful for. Even though I am half way around the world, I am still giving myself a to-do list while I am gone (in addition to my bucket list for South East Asia. Here is a look at what is on my list for this month.

Nha Trang, Vietnam // Brittany Bekas Photography -

>> Be in the moment

>> Update wedding and lifestyle collections

>> Take personal photos to capture the moments I am in (even if the lighting isn’t great and it isn’t composed how I love)

>> Have one tech free day (no work, email, social media, phone calls or texts)

>> Try something new

>> Treat myself to at least 2 massages this month

>> Photograph one engagement/lifestyle session in Thailand (I’m dying to photograph couples again!)

>> Capture some video clips with my Nikon … gotta get working on learning videography. :)

>> Design/create new marketing materials

Is that too long of a list while traveling? We shall find out. Lots to accomplish in the off-season! What is on your list this month?

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