I’ve been reading tons of magazines lately, and one of my favorite sections is the “What’s On” section in Marie Claire. Who doesn’t want to read about all the little random facts that a person adores. So here is my take on it.


COFFEE TABLE // A Picture Perfect Practice by Roberto Valenzuela & Fashion Photography 101 by Laura Jade

TV IN THE MORNING // The Today Show + Kathy & Hoda

RADAR // Visiting San Fran and Grand Cayman

NETFLIX QUEUE // Any psychological thrillers

NIGHTSTAND // Lavender candle, Unbroken, a vintage lamp and word search book

DVR // Revenge, Rachel Zoe Project, It’s a Brad, Brad World, Modern Family, Criminal Minds

BUCKET LIST // Visit Greece, Spain + Africa

WEEKLY GROCERY LIST // Bananas, cheese, turkey lunch meat, berries, pineapple

GO-TO-MENU // Grilled cheese and tomato soup. :)

PERENNIAL TO-DO LIST // Clean the floors

RADIO DIAL // Pandora … Joshua Radin, Jack Johnson, and Train

FEET // Black leather boots

WORKOUT PLAN // Toning up my arms and back. Carrying around 5+ pounds of gear for 10 hours demands it.

IPHONE APP LIST // Instagram, Pinterest, Pandora, and +++


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