It amazes me how quickly this little stud is growing up. The last time I saw Peyton, he was just starting to sit up on his own. So when I got to my cousin’s house for his 9 month photos, I could not believe that he was almost walking! It was definitely a different session with him on the go, but so so much fun!

Peyton has two puppies – Audrey and Rusty – who are so sweet to him. We tried to get a photo of the three of them, but Peyton was not having it. Instead, I snagged this adorable moment of Peyton watching Audrey outside.

I had to sneak in a shot of his cute little butt in these Seven Jeans … mostly because I bought these for him, and I was SO excited that he can finally wear them. I only had to wait 11 months ….

Peyton LOVED playing with these balls on the mirror. So I knew we were going to get some great photos for the holiday pictures when he saw the ornaments.

I’m not sure how Jenni and Kyle, Peyton’s parents, are going to keep these on the tree now that we introduced them as toys for the session …. :)

And this was the shot I was hoping for …. I mean these Santa p.j.s are too cute!

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