an old friend and some bubbly

The last three weeks have been … well … hectic. I shot 4 weddings and a handful of portrait sessions. I felt that my personal life had taken the back burner as I devoted all my time to my wonderful clients. I had to keep rescheduling dates with friends, and I hate to admit it, but the most “catching up” time we had was via Facebook wall posts. Ekkk…

So after my marathon wedding weekend this weekend, one of my oldest friends, Molly planned us a dinner where I could finally put down my camera (sort of….), indulge in some bubbly and hear (in person) everything going on in her life.

As I sipped on my peach sparking wine with my friend of 15-years, I made a note to not let my relationships suffer even when my business can feel overwhelming. My friends are the people who encourage me and support me every day …. the ones who actually give me MORE energy and inspiration when I am around them.

Molly….thanks for always being such an amazing friend. The kind of friend who I can tell anything to. The friend who despite me being 20 minutes late acts like it is no big deal. The friend who lets me take photos before we could even take one sip of our delicious bubbly. A friend who can wait for that…. is a true friend :)

Special thanks to the hostess at Cooper’s Hawk who nearly had a panic attack when I handed her my Nikon asking for a photo of the two of us. “This is REALLY zoomed in….how do I work it…. oh my!”