Ok. I’m not going to lie …  I am getting pretty anxious that 2013 is less than 31 days around the corner. I can’t believe how FAST this year has gone by … and I still have so much I want to accomplish and cross off my ever growing list.

– Work on one personal photography project. My personal project is in the works. Yay! I partnered up with Annie from AK Style & Edit to start concepting and bring this shoot to life!

– Cook two dinners a week: Hmm… cooking. Not really my thing. Between Thanksgiving and Phil getting a nasty, nasty bug, we weren’t eating too many home cooked meals. Eek.

– Spend time with one friend I haven’t seen in a long time: I fit in a lot of afternoons and evenings with friends where we just talked. I spent one night laughing about Lapso Alpsos with my cousin Heather. I had a Quartino’s date with my new photographer friend, Cassandra. I caught up with my dear friend Molly and finally got to see Lindsey’s beautiful new condo!

– Post at least one personal blog post a week: I was much more on top of this, this month. I found myself walking around the city brainstorming fun personal blog post ideas. So the next few months, you will be seeing more posts about my life .. not just my work.

Now for my December goals … here we go.

– Update all of my lifestyle pricing including offering new products.

– Launch my 2013 Senior Model Program.

– Shoot that personal project.

– Go ice skating.

– Just be.

Here’s to making it an amazing last month of 2012.
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my list of goals :: september

Well, I am slowly embracing that fall is around the corner….but mostly because I have been dying to get into my fall boots (one of the few perks of the end of summer). I cannot believe September is here (and I know this blog post is a few days late!) The next four weeks will be the busiest four weeks of my business yet. Before I get into my goals for this hectic month, here is what I accomplished from August.

August Goals :: 

– Have two “dates” with Phil where we explore this amazing city we live in. Hm, well I’m going to count this however it was more like 1.5 dates. One Tuesday night, I rocked a new outfit and we went to Ai in River North for sushi. A new restaurant. New outfit. Definitely a date. As for my 1/2 date, I cooked up some vodka pasta and Maggiano’s  salad. Vino + movie = 1/2 date.

– Develop a Brittany Bekas Photography workflow document. Essentially a guide for each step of how I want to handle my business. This is a work in progress. This month I developed a status document for my clients. I also started putting together how-to documents including tips and rules for my 2nd shooters. I worked on e-mail templates and portrait contract templates. Things are def getting in order and therefore helping my workflow. :)

– Find 3 new places to promote my brand and my work. Well, I’m not sure if I really hit the 3 new places. However, I did network with a lot of new people. I am now out there socializing with people telling them about my brand and passing out my cards. I spoke with reps from the Knot, travel agents and business people. The word is spreading!

– Start adding dreamy lens flen into my portrait sessions. I almost did not achieve this, but then I was in the gorgeous Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and my clients’ allowed me to shoot two sunsets where the dreamy flair was captured in their wedding photos.

– Start planning Europe. Phil and I have been talking about spending 6 weeks in Europe….time to actually pull out the guidebook and make it happen. This has been put on hold because we are looking into traveling to Mexico, Belize and Central America again in January….but if anyone has any tips, tricks or ideas for Euro, let me know. I will be making this happen soon.

 – Make the leap into using PASS. My clients deserve the best, and they want to share their images easily. This company will make it happen! My first PASS gallery will be posted sometime early in September from my destination wedding. After that, all of my wedding clients will be getting their own PASS galleries.

– Develop a sample wedding album to show my clients how gorgeous the investment is. And it will be beyond stunning when I include my gorgeous Punta Cana wedding! I am beginning to work on this but with the number of portrait sessions and weddings I have this month, I have a feeling this may not happen until November.

Here is what I am hoping to cross off in September ::

Get back to the gym and tone-up my arms and back. I know this has been on here before, but after shooting 3 weddings in August, I realized that my 6 pound Nikon cannot be the only weight I lift. So between the gym and Tracy Anderson, I will be getting these arms in shape.

Update my website portfolio and images on all my branding. My style and work has changed so much in the last few months. I have been creating gorgeous photos for my clients, so it is time to sit down and edit and replace some of my old photos on my website and Facebook so that prospective clients see what my work looks like now.

– Set aside one day (per month) where I go off the grid. While traveling in Punta Cana, I realized how nice it was to be removed from my laptop, internet, cell phone, and English TV. So I am going to try to bring this into my life by turning everything off for 24 hours a month.

– Take less photos. WHAT?! How can I want to shoot less? When I first started shooting portraits and weddings, I would get a little shutter happy. Not like a crazy, proud parent, but I was overshooting and not really thinking about what the shot looked like – the expression on the client’s face, the position of hands, the background, etc. So I’m trying to take the time to make sure I love the shot before I click. Just because I shoot digital does not mean I should not apply my film training and save the click for the right shot.

– Take more photos. No this is not a typo per the above. This goal applies to my personal life. I get so shutter happy during my weddings and sessions that when I am spending time with friends and family, I hardly ever pull out my camera. I always have a point and shoot and my iPhone on me.  So let’s see if I can capture some of my life in between moments this month.

11 days in…let’s see if I can achieve everything in the remaining days ahead.

My List of Goals :: June

I can not believe how quickly the month of May came and went! It has been a whirlwind of a month, and I know that the months ahead will only get craziner with personal and professional commitments. But let’s be honest. I LOVE crazy, busy days. :)

As May winds down, I wanted to update you on my progress from my goals and let you know what is on the list for June.

Read one book for pleasure. I’ve been reading so much about photography and having a business that I have neglected reading just to read. I managed to exceed this goal with flying colors. I curled up on the couch and outside to read 3 fiction books this month including Fifty Shades of Grey. (I mean after all the buzz…how could I not?)

Books and Photography Books that Brittany Bekas Photography is reading

– Blog more about industry ideas, tips and personal posts. This will always be on ongoing goal for me, but I think that I blogged a decent amount this month, and that I was able to share some helpful info to all of you, right?! :)

Continue to be happy with less. Since coming home, I have been eliminating so many things that I do not really “need”. I want to keep letting go of things and only hold on to the things I really treasure. A few days after posting my goals, I was packing up my boxes to move into a new apartment. I eliminated (and left behind) a lot of things, however every day I am looking for something to let go of. For every new thing I get, something old must leave.

– Start doing the things that I have pinned via Pinterest. I’m a pinning machine, but I keep forgetting to actually make the crafts, cook the recipes, or use those helpful tips and tricks. I am still pinning more than I am doing, but I used a lot of my photography inspiration boards this month for shoots with my clients. I made a delicious orzo soup. And I started rounding up and executing some great ideas for my dear friend, Molly’s, bachelorette party.

– Stop comparing myself to others – especially other photographers. I think we can all agree why this is not good to do. Sigh…..this was a bit harder for me. After my sessions, I would come home and critique my work…comparing it to my inspiration shots. The positive of this is that I am forcing myself to grow and improve.

– Get back into working out (regularly). ehh…I am doing a lot more walking around the city. That counts, right? This will be a June goal…again.

Hot pink flamingos in aruba by brittany bekas photography

– Submit my work to photography competitions and blogs. I got so caught up in the day-to-day that I did not submit to any competitions or blogs. However, I do have a creative review with a photography studio. That is progress…I think.

– Be spontaneous. This is something I am constantly trying to work on because my Type A, planning personality likes everything figured out…however my boyfriend is the opposite. :)  I made baby steps on this when my high school best friend expectantly came into town…that counts, right?

– Continue to tell people about my business and look for new ways to grow my business and surprise my clients. I passed out business cards and created some new marketing plans. I even have an industry networking event scheduled for June.


Here are my goals for June. :)

– Network with other photographers and learn from their experiences/mistakes

– Photograph the bachelorette party I am hosting like a stylized shoot. Submit it for publication on wedding blogs.

– Get back into the gym. For real. It is beach season now….

Mexico beach in Playa Del Carmen by Brittany Bekas Photography

– Use my speedlight more including as a fill flash on outdoor shoots

– Increase my number of Facebook likes on Brittany Bekas Photography.

– Make 4 new recipes. At least two recipes need to include meat for the boyfriend.

Hope that June is an amazing month for you all.