Obsessions February | Brittany Bekas Photography

1. THE BACHELOR: Don’t judge me, but I can’t get enough of this show. Between Tierra, the crying/fighting and the LOVE … oh, and Sean’s super sexy body (Hello!), I am hooked.

2. TORY BURCH IPHONE CASEDid you know that I am OBSESSED with animal print? No?! J/K. I was itching for a new iPhone case, so when I found this, it was meant to be. My favorite designer + favorite print.

3. COUGAR SNOW BOOTS: When we finally got snow, I knew I would be battling ice covered sidewalks and un-shoveled walkways, so I dug these adorable boots out of my closet, and they haven’t returned since. I mean I even wore them to Joe’s Stone Crab. :)

4. NIKON D600: I splurged on getting a new camera for myself for Christmas and every time I shoot with it I fall more in love with this camera. The photos are amazing …. I don’t know how I worked without this sexy, camera.

5. NORDSTROM GRILLED CHEESE & TOMATO SOUP: While I do eat this combo all year, there is something about cold days that make me crave this even more. And Nordstrom’s Cafe hands down has the BEST grilled cheese. It’s on the kids menu. Yes, I order off the kids menu. It is that good.

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Now that the temps are actually cooling down, I have been gearing up for hibernation …. entertaining myself with anything in my apartment. Here are my latest obsessions.

:: Fashion Magazines: Ever since I was young, I adored the glossy pages, but this month I have been on their blogs, websites and gobbling (yes… gobbling) up their gorgeous fashion spreads. So much inspiration for posing and branding that Phil has to make me go to bed.

:: Lifetime Movie Network: So, I debated if I wanted to share this with all of you, however I am not that embarrassed that I have been tuning into whatever crazy movies are on this channel – a baby abducted at birth, a wife who kills her husband, a teenage boy who falls in love with a 40-year-old woman …. I love the drama (and sometimes the tears).

:: Dove Dark Chocolate Promises: I think it may be the message inside, but Phil and I have been eating these after almost every meal for the past week. The chocolate is to die for, and I love the little inspirational note. I mean look how few are left?!

:: Faux Fur: Last weekend I went to a holiday party wrapped in a blood red faux fur shawl which was covered by my black faux fur jacket. I joked I was going to drink vodka all night because I was a Russian princess … but I mean, I can’t get enough of it. I wear it any day …. every day…. my faux vests are major with any skinny jeans … and I love to channel my inner Rachel Zoe. I mean, it is ban-an-as.

:: Christmas in Paris Yankee CandleI wanted our apartment to smell like fresh pine without having to deal with a real tree, so when I saw this candle I knew it was the perfection solution. Plus, who wouldn’t want their house to smell like Christmas in Paris (whatever that smells like?!). It is almost out .. good thing xmas in just a few days way.

Happy Friday!

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