Friday Fancie: Blisters Be Gone

I walked in the store looking for nothing in particular. But then…I saw them. The patent leather, two-toned, peep toe pumps. I. Have. To. Have. These. But I don’t really need them (or do I?). And I’m sure they are going to give me blisters….sigh.

But beauty is pain, people. So deal with it, right?

So I walked out with my new kicks, excited to add them into my closet, slightly anxious about if I would wind up with blisters after a night in them.

But then I discovered this pain-saving stick by Dr. Scholl’s. You just rub it on your feet before you put on your new (or old) shoes to prevent any friction and rubbing. Blisters, be gone!

Ladies, this stick is amazing! Pick one up for the weekend, and I promise you, your feet will love you. :)


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