Dana was first introduced to Dan by a colleague but it wasn’t until a group of friends started to sit together during their lunch breaks months later when Dana really met Dan.

After a particularly long week, the group of coworkers met for happy hour. Dana and Dan spent the happy hour talking as one hour quickly turned into seven hours. On that night, Dan knew Dana was special and that he needed to spend more time with her. So he invited her out to dinner which led to an amazing evening which led to unforgettable years together as a couple.

This past November, in the city of lights, Dan asked Dana to marry him next to the Eiffel Tower. As the light show danced in the sky, Dana could only keep her eyes on her new fiancé and the most gorgeous ring.

The two are planning a perfect October wedding. Dana’s older sister, Carly, is a former bride of mine, and I am thrilled to be celebrating with such a great family again! But first, I met Dana and Dan at the Lily Pool in Lincoln Park for their engagement photos.

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