This little guy has graced this blog five times now, and every time I get to spend time with him, I love him more and more. I photographed Colin as a newborn, at 3-months, 6-months, 9-months and now at one year. It has been so amazing to document him over the last year and to watch his little personality develop.

His mom, Kristin, picked out really cute outfits for Colin – ties, birthday hats, and a Blackhawks jersey for his one year photos. However, Colin was not as excited as we were about his photo shoot. So we decided to let him do his thing. We read books, played with Elmo, went for a ride in his new sled and watched Mickey Mouse. What resulted, was real, authentic moments showcasing Colin. And those are my favorite way to tell a photo story.

Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0011 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0013 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0009

Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0014

Colin LOVED being outside in his sled! If it wasn’t so cold out, we would have stayed out there for the whole time because he was thrilled to be pulled in it.

Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0016Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0017 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0007

My favorite moments to document are usually the ones that unfold naturally like this photo of Colin reading his book in his chair.

Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0018 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0008 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0015 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0003 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0010Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0002 Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0004

And I’ll leave you guys with this one because his face says it all.

Chicago One Year Baby Photography_0001


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  1. Rob Schultze March 17, 2015

    Great looking kid!! Keep up the good work! You guys look good too!

  2. Cynthia Novy-Celli March 18, 2015

    TOO cute!
    Beautiful pictures as always!


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