The leaves danced throughout the air and pumpkins graced the doorsteps along the streets of the University of Kansas. It was Halloween, and Nora was setup on a blind date to a fraternity Halloween party by some friends. Little did she know that beneath a giant teddy bear costume stood her future husband, John.

Their blind date led to endless nights together as they navigated the KU campus, studied for exams and celebrated graduation. After college, they packed their bags and together moved to Chicago where John asked Nora to marry him five years later overlooking the city they love.

Nora and John are planning a wedding in Tulsa this November, but first they wanted to document their engagement in Chicago.

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Denise is the type of girl who oozes with sweetness and love for those around her. When she first met Nick, it was no surprise that she was attracted to his sense of humor and laid-back personality. Nick was in the city with his cousin, who happened to be Denise’s friend from high school. The two were complete strangers who lived nearly two hours apart. Denise was unsure about dating someone long distance, but Nick’s charm and patience won her over.

Slowly they began to talk and spend more time together…which, months later, proved to deepen their relationship. Together they embarked on the journey of being puppy-parents, and as time passed, Nick knew Denise was the only girl who would make his life complete.

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He grew up on a farm surrounded by horses and tractors. She was raised in the Chicago suburbs minutes away from shopping centers and city life. They came from completely different worlds, however it was the city of Chicago and that brought Larisa and Jesse into the same orbit.

After messaging each other on the dating site and hundreds of texts later, the two finally met for their first date. They were two strangers, however that night forever changed the trajectory of their lives. Over time their pasts began to blend with their futures, and Jesse could do nothing but place a ring on Larisa’s finger. The two were engaged this past November, and they couldn’t wait to document their love in the city where it all began.

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