As I shopped with my mom, I kept grabbing anything that glittered or was animal print. The all sequined jacket, the glitzy cocktail dress, the faux vest, the leopord print pants, the huge jeweled statement necklace. Some might say these things …. were … gorgeous … ok more like … gaudy. But I adored them and with each thing I picked out, I knew my Grandma Rose would have also loved them. I joked with my mom that I am truly my Grandma’s granddaughter.

Grandma Ro was one incredible lady. She made the most AMAZING pound cake. She had the best cocktail jewelry and LOVED to shop for snazzy accessories (especially watches) and clothes. She was a people person who loved to entertain and socialize. She was super creative  … she made clothes, jewerly, crafts, plates and more. She even owned her own hat store years ago where she made custom hats! And I mean how beautiful was she on her wedding day….such a timeless photo.

She is a lady that I miss every day … but even more today. She passed away nearly 3 years ago. Today would be her 93rd birthday.

Some of the last conversations we had were about how unhappy I was at my advertising job … And now here I am … living my dream.  I know that she would be so proud that I took the leap to fulfill my passion.

So today, rather than feel my heart ache that she is no longer here, I remember how special she was and how I carry a little piece of her with me … in my work and in my style.



  1. donna bekas December 10, 2012

    Beautifully said and thank you for sharing this with us – each one of us has this wonderful women inside of us. Rose was a wonderful lady that touched so many people and we were so lucky to have her with us for 90 years. Love you always mom!!!!

  2. theresa avella December 11, 2012

    Love this Britt! Grandma Ro was a wonderful woman, and a fabulous person to be around. I’m so thankful I was able to get to know her and spend the time I had with her :) She is definitely looking over all of us and with us everyday! Thank you for sharing this post! XOXOXOXO


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