It is funny to think that even though I have lived in Chicago(land) my whole life … I had NEVER been on top of the Sears (Willis) Tower. I guess it is one of those things as a Chicagoan, I took for granted … well that and my fear of heights made me doubt if it was really something for me ….

But yesterday changed that. My family and I decided to spend the day in the city playing tourists. Stop number one… the sky deck at the Sears Tower. Now, I was slightly worried about this because I thought my fear of heights would kick into high gear, and I would have an anxiety attack right there …. but the views were pretty amazing. And it helped that I wasn’t hanging on the side of a mountain like I was in Peru…

Before we got up to floor 103, I explained that I might not be walking out onto the observation glass. I mean I have limits, people. But when I saw a little 6-year-old walk out there and love every minute of it … I told myself “You will not let that little kid make you look like a baby.” So I pulled up my big girl pants (while gripping the wall … ever so tightly … I mean how could I be sure this piece of plastic could hold my weight?!?!), and stepped out onto the ledge. Here is my younger brother, Peter and I … can see you the fear in my eyes? Yeah, I thought so.

So what got me out there? Well, I didn’t want to admit to the internet that I chickened out … and two … I wanted the silly picture. But let’s be honest here, I was really only out there long enough to get the photos I wanted, and I only had to take 2 steps onto the glass. That way I could jump back to safety if I needed to. :)

After taking in the most incredible views of Chicago and battling my fear of heights, we headed to the Christkindlmarkt, the Walnut Room at Macy’s on State and wrapped up our day at Pizzeria Unos. I told you it was a tourist day. Either way, it was a great day of conquering fears, exploring the city and enjoying the company of my family.

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