setting sail

The night came at the perfect time. I had been feeling completely overwhelmed with building my business and trying to feel like I had it all together. I was trying to do everything perfect….above and beyond what people were expecting from me. So when my bestie, Christine, organized a girls’ night setting sail on Lake Michigan with some of our amazing girlfriends, I knew I could take a deep breath and just be me for the night and that form of “me” would be perfect for these girls.

We set sail from the gorgeous Monroe Harbor with our captain Tom who endured a night of gossip, girl talk and wine and cheese. What a trooper!

I was LOVIN’ this gorgeous light….so I had to sneak in a couple shots of our uber prep for the evening. Frankie, you look like a model for J. Crew. Chicago Yacht Club…here you come.

Christine certainly knows how to plan an amazing night for us. Check out her blog for tons of lifestyle tips and ideas.

I can count on these girls for everything….and our “funny friend” Frankie always knows how to get the group laughing. Rachel, Claire, Frankie, Amy, and Christine….It was such a perfect night!

We ended our evening watching the Navy Pier fireworks and admiring the beautiful Chicago skyline. It was one of those moments where all I could think about is how lucky I was to be here with these girls.

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  1. Annie Kiperman August 16, 2012

    Spectacular pictures. What a great job!


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