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Being thousands of miles away from home has really allowed me to step back from the craziness of to-do lists (even though I LOVE them), and  the mundane tasks that take up most of my time and has let me just breathe. It has left me more inspired and determined to make 2014 the best year yet … all while enjoying the ride along the way. So as I sit on the beach and plan out my goals for March and the rest of my time in Asia, I know that that taking time away from home has been nothing short of amazing for myself and the business.

march to do list // brittany bekas photography


>> Be in the moment

>> Update wedding and lifestyle collections

>> Take personal photos to capture the moments I am in (even if the lighting isn’t great and it isn’t composed how I love)

>> Have one tech free day (no work, email, social media, phone calls or texts)

>> Try something new

>> Treat myself to at least 2 massages this month : I am one short on this one …. oops.

>> Photograph one engagement/lifestyle session in Thailand (I’m dying to photograph couples again!) : I’m still scouting for the perfect couple for this. If you know of anyone who is here or traveling to Thailand, send them my info!

>> Capture some video clips with my Nikon … gotta get working on learning videography. :)

>> Design/create new marketing materials: I started this at the end of the month, so I just don’t feel right crossing this off, yet. :(



>> Ride an elephant + have a visit with a tiger while in Thailand

>> Design/create new marketing materials

>> Try one new food (I’ve been stuck on a few go-to meals [read: safe] while traveling)

>> Pre-blog all posts on one day each week

>> Actually do my “travel workout” 3x a week

>> Incorporate 3 new marketing strategies into my business

>> FINALLY buy my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens (and not panic when I see the total price)

>> Drink more water (this is from my 12 goals for 2014)

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