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Being thousands of miles away from home has really allowed me to step back from the craziness of to-do lists (even though I LOVE them), and  the mundane tasks that take up most of my time and has let me just breathe. It has left me more inspired and determined to make 2014 the best year yet … all while enjoying the ride along the way. So as I sit on the beach and plan out my goals for March and the rest of my time in Asia, I know that that taking time away from home has been nothing short of amazing for myself and the business.

march to do list // brittany bekas photography


>> Be in the moment

>> Update wedding and lifestyle collections

>> Take personal photos to capture the moments I am in (even if the lighting isn’t great and it isn’t composed how I love)

>> Have one tech free day (no work, email, social media, phone calls or texts)

>> Try something new

>> Treat myself to at least 2 massages this month : I am one short on this one …. oops.

>> Photograph one engagement/lifestyle session in Thailand (I’m dying to photograph couples again!) : I’m still scouting for the perfect couple for this. If you know of anyone who is here or traveling to Thailand, send them my info!

>> Capture some video clips with my Nikon … gotta get working on learning videography. :)

>> Design/create new marketing materials: I started this at the end of the month, so I just don’t feel right crossing this off, yet. :(



>> Ride an elephant + have a visit with a tiger while in Thailand

>> Design/create new marketing materials

>> Try one new food (I’ve been stuck on a few go-to meals [read: safe] while traveling)

>> Pre-blog all posts on one day each week

>> Actually do my “travel workout” 3x a week

>> Incorporate 3 new marketing strategies into my business

>> FINALLY buy my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII lens (and not panic when I see the total price)

>> Drink more water (this is from my 12 goals for 2014)

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  1. Wandqy says:

    But now more white parents are learning to talk about race

    “I’ve uncovered something, he soon started, And then told his mom that there were black boys in his class who were consistently getting in trouble with the teacher for goofing around. This plagued him, he said, “Because they’re not doing any behaviors that are any different than what I do,

    during that moment, Cassell statements now, Several brains raced through her mind: That she’d always known her oldest child could be silly in class and that she had wondered whether he might get away with it because he was white. That her 8 year old son, Who is black and adopted from Ethiopia, Might find himself in that same classroom within a few years. That she was proud of her seventh grader for identifying problem. and she wasn’t sure how to fix it.

    It was a scene that might not have played out in her own childhood home. many white Americans who grew up in the wake of the civil rights movement, Cassell, 40, was raised with the ideology of “Colorblindness, Which teaches that it’s best to behave as though racial differences simply don’t exist and really should not be pointed out.

    But massive with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, As social justice activism has crossed into the mainstream and discussions about race have dominated both national headlines and the vitriolic political landscape more attention has been focused on the role that white people must play in addressing racism, And more parents like Cassell are trying to learn how to speak to their children about the realities of the world they live in.

    “My kids grow it up, Cassell relates.

    Tatum often references the day her 3 year old son came home from nursery school and asked, “Tommy says my skin is brown because I drank sweets milk; generally that true,

    “Tommy’s not mean or insulting; He’s just trying to figure something out, Tatum tells. “So in my step to my son, I wanted to say, ‘No, Your skin is not brown to create drank chocolate milk. Your skin is brown this has something in it called melanin. each person has some, Even Tommy has a certain, But your own life school, You are the kid with more.or,–”

    She’d answered her son’s query, she says, But she was left and among her own: “without hesitation, Who is setting Tommy specifically? What conversation is happening at his house,

    The theoretical scenario goes something such as this: A small white child is accompanying a parent at the retailer when he notices someone who doesn’t look like people he’s seen before. So he turns to his dad or mom and says, Perhaps too loudly, “do you understand why person so dark,

    In this situation, A parent’s first instinct is mostly a mortified shhhh “Not an explanation, Tatum says. “The child makes an observation, parents silences the child in a hurried way, And what which says is, ‘You’re not expected to notice, And also there’s probably a problem with what you’ve just called out.'”

    because Brigitte Vittrup, an associate professor of early childhood development and education at Texas Woman’s University, This sort of encounter didn’t happen at a market but at a friend’s home, the minute Vittrup, who is white, And her hubby, who is responsible for black, delivered their dog before leaving town for vacation.

    “My buddy’s son, Who was 6 right at that moment, Was looking in between the two between us, Vittrup remembers, “And he makes this report like: you’re white, And he is a brownish man, So why did you marry a brownish man,

    Vittrup has found herself telling this story generally lately. When she first started researching the racial socialization of children much time ago, “I wasn’t getting contacted by plenty of folks, states. “But then abruptly, About three years ago when the election started heating up I started getting calls increasing amounts of from people who wanted me to come talk about it,

    Melissa Giraud and her woman, Andrew Grant thomas, Co founders of the child focused racial justice operation EmbraceRace, Also noticed a similar shift around that point. Giraud, who will biracial, And Grant thomas, who is black, Launched their lending broker in March 2016, Offering educational resources to parents and teachers who want to address race with children.

    Grant Thomas believes the election was a wake up call for many white parents who were not previously attuned to the enduring idateasia scam legacy of yank racism. “A lot of white parents who were theirselves brought up in colorblind homes are now parents, and they are saying, ‘Wow, That did not work,or,–” he states. “We had someone i know, A white older friend with three kids at home, Who thought, ‘I want to help my kids not be ignorant in the strategies I was, And i’m not sure how to do it.or,– ”

    For white parents who want to educate themselves, an abundance of resources have sprung up to guide them: Grass roots associations such as Showing Up for Racial Justice, culture groups, many books and blogs and podcasts focused on how to talk to kids about race. But the foremost and biggest hurdle is often getting over one’s own lingering discomfort, Vittrup proclaims.

    Tibby Wroten, 35, A librarian and parent of two in Sacramento, Doesn’t remember being told that is not to acknowledge racial differences “But I know I internalized those voice messages, states. “I grew up to believe you don’t mention this stuff,

    She didn’t want to repeat that lesson with your ex-girlfriend own white children. in addition to being she joined a protest led by the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter, She brought her 7 year old daughter along, Handed her a sign regardless of this, “White Silence Is violence, And revealed what it meant.

    That sort of awareness lays a foundation for more complex conversations that come as children grow older, proclaims Sachi Feris, Founder of the blog Raising Race alert Children.

    “the goal wasn’t one talk. not necessarily ‘The Talk.’ It’s the practice of race consciousness often, states. warmed: “We can’t walk into a store that is selling all white baby dolls and say nothing. Silence is itself sending a note, And that message is not which one I want. I don’t want my white children to grow up convinced that white is better,

    however, many still cling to the colorblind ideal; Consider former Starbucks leader and presidential candidate Howard Schultz, Who recently made headlines after he declared: “I missed color as a young boy, And I honestly don’t see color now,

    Tatum says she’s heard similar comments from white parents in one case, Someone boasting that a little girl had pointed out a friend on a playground without any mention of friend’s race or skin color, “Even though the most obvious thing about her was that she’s the only black girl on the playground, Tatum pronounces. “The parents might say that even though their daughter didn’t mention it means she’s colorblind. But it informs me that their daughter is color silenced. It’s not too she didn’t notice, But that she somehow learned she’s not speculated to mention it. And reasoning, ‘She’s the black girl on the swing set’ there’s nothing wrong with that,

    She laughs a little as she recalls talking to people who would anxiously whisper the word black as though it were a word they weren’t supposed to say.

    “If you tell a black person you don’t see actually black, You’re saying you don’t notice a big piece of their life practical experience, she says, “And no one wants to be overlooked in that way,

    Feris has often heard from white parents who want to talk about race but worry about saying something wrong or offensive. And she more often than not assures them that, you bet, That may very well happen at some point.

    “We are inclined to mess up when we do this work; were humans, And we will need to be at peace with that, she says. “And then we can have another the discussion, Because be the wonderful thing about parenting: It continues,

    Cassell is still figuring out how to resolve your position in her son’s class. She asked him whether he had talked to his friends of color of it “But they’re junior high school boys, So he was comparable to, ‘No, never ever really'” And she has spoken with the institution principal. She plans to keep talking to the school obama administration and to keep talking to her kids.

  2. Smithbru says:

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  3. Watsonklc says:

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  4. Codyezj says:

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