Why I added a Calendar Scheduling App to my Client Emails (and why you should too)

Client Experience

I often joke with my clients that they are getting the best version of me as a photographer and vendor after being a bride.

Wanna know why?

Because after I was a bride, I realized so many things that were frustrating about planning a wedding. So my mission was to stop that for my couples (and thereby stand out) to my potential couples and current couples.

We live in an instant world these days. With Amazon Prime, Open Table and Netflix, we are used to being able to click a button and have something happen.

I realized that something that was holding back my wedding inquires from taking the next step in booking me for their wedding was setting up a time to connect. What I used to do was wait for a couple to say they wanted to meet with me. I would then email over 2-3 days / times that I was able to connect. A few days would go by, and they would email me back the date that worked for them …. and then I wouldn’t be available for that date. #frustrating

I mean … c’mon … this is not the best way to set up a good first impression. So last year, I added Acuity Scheduling to my client emails.

Why I love using a calendar scheduling app to my client photography workflow

When I email a potential bride, couple or wedding planner my wedding collections, I also email them the link to book time on my calendar for us to connect.

The bride / client / planner can select a time that works best for them that I am available. It eliminates all the back and forth emails including the ones saying they would love to talk. They can simply click the link if they want to chat with me, and set up a time for us to talk.

Acuity syncs up to my Google calendar so that it always updates to what dates / times I have available. And If  I am going to be on vacation or I want to block off a specific date / time of the week that I do not take meetings, I can do that. You  can even control how many meetings you take per day, how much time you like to have between them, and more. Think of it as your virtual personal assistant.


Acuity Scheduling App - Best calendar scheduling apps

Still not sure about adding Acuity into your workflow? Here are 5 reasons I LOVE using it :

Up-to-date availability

Using a calendar scheduling app reduces email clutter and back and forth emails. Your clients / vendors can see your availability in real-time since it syncs with your calendar, and only shows the time you are available. You no longer have to send the dreaded “Unfortunately, I am unavailable then” email.

Easy to reschedule or cancel meetings if needed

If something comes up for you or your client, they can reschedule or cancel the meeting without sending emails back and forth. It is as easy as selecting it on their calendar or using the email confirmation.

Automatically adds the meeting to your client’s calendar

When someone schedules time with you, they will get an email with their confirmed appointment and the meeting will be added to their calendar. You don’t have to worry about them losing track of your meeting time.

Custom questionaries

You can completely customize what information you need before you meet when they book a time to talk. For example, I have a pre-consult questionnaire that I sent to all my couples when they book time with me that goes through the best way to get in touch, if we are meeting virtually or in person, who will be joining us and more information about their wedding day. It is one less email I need to send, and it gives me all the information I need before we talk to explain how I fit into their wedding day.

No back and forth

I hate spending my time in my email inbox. Acuity makes it seem like I have a personal assistant scheduling my appointments. I don’t have to spend hours emailing back and forth trying to find a time to connect, and it will have the client / vendor fill out all the info I need beforehand.

Acuity Scheduling App - Best calendar scheduling apps


Wondering where else you can use this time-saving link? I include this link in emails for :

+ consultations

+ timeline meetings before the wedding

+ misc calls with clients or vendors

I am ALL about taking action, so sign up for Acuity today and add this into your workflow. I promise you it will be a game-changer.

Do you use a calendar scheduling app for your meeting? If so, tell me why you love it too.


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