5 Reasons You NEED a Wedding Album

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I get it.

When you are planning a wedding, you are spending a lot of money all at once.

You have to decide what is important and what things you really have to have or need.

I’ve been there.

And I understand that while you might really want a wedding album, it isn’t always in your budget.

But I promise you that investing in a wedding album is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to planning your best day ever.

After all, it is the only thing you are going to have when the day has come and gone.

Here are 5 reasons (according to a photographer) that why I feel every couple should treat themselves to a wedding album.

1. It is a family heirloom

Have you ever flipped through someone’s wedding album? Growing up, I was obsessed with my mom’s album. I would constantly ask her to pull it out so I could see it time and time again.

That is the thing about albums. The value and meaning of them increase as time passes. They become a treasured piece of your story and something that will be passed down over the years.

Imagine your future kids curling up on the couch with you as they look through your wedding photos. Seems pretty special right? Now imagine your grandchildren doing the same thing.

Wedding Album from Brittany Bekas

2. It will stand the test of time.

You know that the USB drive that you are getting in your photography collection? Will you be able to even use it in 10 years? What about that hard drive you have your photos backed up on?

Hard drives crash. Technology is always changing. When I started my biz, I delivered wedding images on a DVD. Now my computer doesn’t even have a CD drive or a USB drive (thanks, Apple….sometimes I loathe you).

We have all been there. The moment when your computer or phone dies and you are panicking and (and crying) that every single photo you took is gone. Just like that. Even if you are like me and have backups for your backups, having a printed album ensures that you never have to worry about losing the only copy of your photos.

Having printed copies of your photos, while it sounds old school, it is the one medium you know will last. It is great to have your files on your computer, but having a physical copy ensures you will be able to see your wedding day for years to come.

3. Everything is taken care of and done for you.

Life is busy. You may decide to skip getting an album because you are convinced you will make one yourself or that you are going to print out the photos.

Let me let in on a little secret, most brides do nothing with their photos for years. Can you believe it?

Your life changes. You buy a house. Start a family. And suddenly life is busy, and 5 years pass and you have maybe 1 printed photo in a frame.

When you order a wedding album through your professional photographer, everything is done for you.

They will curate the best images of your wedding day, design the book, make changes and have it handmade by the best companies in the biz. And if they are anything like our studio, they will stay on top of you to make sure you complete this gorgeous book months after your wedding so you have it before your first anniversary (ready to be flipped through and enjoyed).

Wedding Album from Brittany Bekas Wedding Album from Brittany Bekas

4. Wedding albums tell a story

Of course, you are going to print your absolute favorite photos from your wedding day and display them in frames in your home (I have 5 photos from our wedding displayed), but what about all those magical moments of the day. Like when you finally got into your wedding dress. Or when your dad saw you for the first time. Or when you had your first kiss. Or when your mom was crying during your first dance.

Chances are, you do not have space or endless frames to display these moments. So what do you do?

That’s what is so amazing about wedding albums. They tell YOUR story of your wedding day. All the details you spent so many months picking out. All those magical moments. They are in one beautiful book so you can see everything in one place.

5. Seeing your wedding photos helps YOU remember your commitment to one another

Every single day I walk by our wedding photos. And every time I do that, I remember how magical that moment was. When I flip through our album, I am able to see the whole freakin’ day. And let me tell you, you better believe I love up on Phil, and I am extra sweet when I see those photos. Having a wedding albums means you will be able to sit down when you are having a bad day or maybe even when you have a fight and remember what you promised each other on a day that was perfect and full of endless love.

Are you officially sold on getting an album? Do you finally want this off your to-list? Email the studio, and we will help you design the perfect wedding album.

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