How to Take Photos on a Sunny Day | My 5-Second Trick to Find Even Light

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We all love a good sunny day, but when it comes to taking photos bright sun isn’t always the best type of light for photos. I know, it sounds crazy that bright light = great photos, but that isn’t always the case to get beautiful photos.

Taking photos midday with bright sun can cause some nasty shadows on your subjects’ face — and depending on where they are standing, they might even be squinting because it so bright out. So what are you to do when its sunny out and you want to take some great photos?

  1. Use flash – It sounds weird, but adding a little bit of flash to your photo will offset some of the shadows on your subject
  2. Find shade – Photographing in the shade is the easiest option and will be better light than being in direct sun
  3. Use a reflector – A reflector, sidewalk or even a big bright wall will help bounce light back to your subject. Wearing a white t-shirt? This will help too!
  4. Try my 5-second trick to find the best light – even in bright sun

If you are wondering how to take photos on a sunny day, check out my 5-second trick that I use all the time to find the best light — even in bright sun.

It is free (yay!) and super easy.

The video below breaks down exactly what to do, but all you are going to do is move your hand around where ever you are outside until the light hitting your hand is even. This means you shouldn’t have shadows or lines.

Do this and your phone photos will instantly look more professional and you won’t have to worry about shadows and spotty light.

Interested in learning more photography tips? Be grab my FREE guide that teaches you 5 easy tips to better photos (all on your phone) and follow me on Instagram where I am sharing all my best secrets, tips and trick for getting great photos.


These are tips for mamas to use with their phone camera and tips that photographers can use to help them with their photo skills.

how to take photos on a sunny day - phone photography tips

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