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Wedding Photographer Outfits | What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer

After 12+ years as wedding photographer, I think I have finally cracked the code on what to wear as wedding photographer and wedding photographers outfits. Let’s face it, dressing for a wedding as photographer can be tricky. You are on your feet for 8+ hours and you are braving all the elements on a wedding day. You need clothes that you can move in (hello squats, arm raises and bending) to get all the angles of the photos you are trying to create, and yet you want to look professional AND stylish.
In this what to wear as a wedding photographer guide, I am breaking down what to wear for female and male photographers, why a photographer should follow a dress codes, tips for choosing what to wear to a wedding AND my favorite wedding photographer outfits and dresses with links so you can shop exactly what is here.
I get frustrated when I read a blog post on what to wear or outfit ideas and the items are not linked but merely suggestions. I, then, spend hours searching for whatever I found on the blog to only be disappointed … so you can simply click the photos below each image and add everything to your shopping cart. :)

**this blog post does contain affiliate links, so I do get a small commission if you purchase something from this blog post at no additional cost to you and as a small way to support the content I am creating for wedding photographers**

wedding photographer outfit ideas

What to wear when photographing a wedding

  • Comfortable shoes: You will be on your feet for hours (and likely doing a lot of walking around), so choose shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Flats, loafers, or low-heeled shoes are all great options. I personally love the Me Too and Cole Haan brand of shoes. Check out some of my favorites for shoes in the styled outfits below.
  • Dark colors: Opt for color in darker colors like black, navy blue, burgundy, and dark grey. This is not to say you can’t wear colors (in fact, I think color is fun for a wedding day) but dressing in a dark color is usually the safe option so that you look professional but that you blend in.
  • Professional attire: Choose clothing that is professional and modest. For women, a dress or skirt that falls below the knee or pants with a cute top or bodysuit are good options. A suit and tie is always a safe option for male photographers or if the wedding is more casual, you can opt for dress pants and a dress shirt. It is important that you are dressed up. You are going to a wedding, so don’t try to wear jeans, jean shorts or yoga pants.
  • Hair and makeup: Keep your hair and makeup simple and natural. You want to look professional, but you also don’t want to look too done up. You may want to pull your hair back in a bun or low-ponytail so it is out of your face.
  • Accessories: Show off your personality with fun jewelry. I love to dress up a classic little black dress on a wedding day with fun earrings or a bold necklace.
    • Pro tip: If you are photographing a church ceremony, opt for jewelry that doesn’t make noise when you move around. There is nothing worse than being the person making noise because of your jewelry selection. :) 
  • Layers: Wedding days can be hot or cold, depending on the season and location and the time of day. Bring a light jacket or sweater even on the 80+ summer days because once you get inside the reception venue, there is a pretty good chance the air conditioning with be on, and you might be cold.

A photographer should not dress like a guest It’s important for photographers to remember that they are not guests at the wedding. Your job is to blend in and capture the special moments of the day, not to be a distraction. Avoid wearing anything that is too flashy or attention-grabbing.

Wedding Photographer Outfits + Dresses for Women

I personally love to wear a dark dress or a jumpsuit when I photograph weddings. I always bring a couple trendy blazers or jackets with me to wear once the reception hits (because its always freezing in those rooms to allow for the dance floor to warm up the room).

Here are some dresses, jumpsuits and outfits that I think are great options to wear as a wedding photographer on the wedding day.

wedding photographer dresses



wedding photographer dresses - female outfits



If you aren’t a dress girl, here are some other options on what you can wear when you photograph a wedding :

  • Black pants, a blouse, and a blazer
  • Wide-legged pants with a blouse
  • A midi skirt with a sweater or blouse
  • A jumpsuit with a blazer

wedding photographer outfits female blazers jackets



wedding photographer female outfits skirts pants



wedding photographer female outfits jumpsuits


wedding photographer shoes female



What NOT to wear as a wedding photographer

  • The color white: It is best to avoid wearing white as much as possible. I would especially avoid wearing a white dress or a white suit to a wedding as a photographer. I think you can toss on a white jacket or sweater, but I would avoid rocking white if at all possible.
  • Jeans or jean short: Weddings are a special occasion that guests dress up for. Even as a wedding photographer or vendor, you should not wear jeans (and yes, that includes black jeans!). Keep in mind some wedding venues like country clubs have dress codes for everyone onsite (including wedding vendors + photographers) and often times you cannot wear jeans per their dress codes. It is best to avoid wearing them all together and opt for a pair of dress pants.
  • Religious colors: (as related to the wedding you are photographing): When getting to know your couple, make sure you ask if anything is not appropriate to wear on their wedding day. In some cultures, only the bride should wear red. Make sure you understand if there are any dress codes or traditions that you should consider when you select what to wear.

Should a wedding photographer stick to a dress code?

As a part of my pre-wedding client questionnaire, I always ask my couples what is the dress code for their wedding. Wondering what I mean by dress code? Is the wedding black tie? It is formal? Is there a Chinese celebration? All of these weddings lend themselves to different outfits and appropriate color selections.

If your couple doesn’t have a dress code, stick to a semi-formal dress code. Keep in mind, some wedding venues may have a dress code too. For example country clubs typically do not allow jeans or casual clothing for guests and members, and being a vendor is not an exception to this.

It is best that you try to follow the dress code as much as possible. I don’t think you should like you ARE a guest, but you should be close in your style of what the guests have on. For example, for a black tie wedding, if you are a female photographer a black jumpsuit with some fancy jewelry is suggested. Don’t show up to a black tie wedding in a casual sundress.

If you are a male, opt for a dark suit for a black tie wedding. Is your couple getting married on the beach? Don’t come rocking a long black formal gown but maybe a breezy (yet dressy maxi dress) or a pair of dress pants and a button down shirt. Remember, you are a reflection of your brand and you want to look professional and polished in whatever you decide to wear when you photograph a wedding.

Wedding Photographer Outfits for Men

As a male wedding photographer, one timeless option is to wear on a wedding day is a well-fitted suit. Opt for classic colors like black, navy, or gray, and choose a style that flatters your body shape. Keep in mind that you’ll be on your feet for long hours, so investing in a pair of comfortable, yet dressy shoes is essential. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles and proper arch support, ensuring your feet stay comfortable throughout the day without compromising on style.

I rounded up some of my favorite wedding photographer outfits for men along with some stylish, yet comfortable shoes for male wedding photographers.

Wedding Photographer Outfits Male Suits



Wedding Photographer Outfits Male



wedding photographer shoes - male wedding photographer shoes



Did you find this guide helpful? If so, would you love more like this that have different outfits for wedding photographers? Drop me a comment or send me a note.


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