For as long as I can remember, I have been slightly obsessed with quotes. I would search around the internet and make word documents out of my favorite quotes (which despite Pinterest, I still have). I would tear quotes from magazines … I would jot down inspiring things others said. (This love of words could be why I went to school for journalism …)

So when I found this quote a couple weeks ago … I was inspired. Inspired to explore why these few words spoke to me so much.

I'm a different person compared to who I was this time last year

I like to think that every year we are different versions of ourselves. Not new people … but a better person than the person we were the year before. That in the year that passed, we improved, we grew, we changed … for the best.

When I look back to where I was at this exact moment, in a way, it feels a thousand of miles away … maybe because it was. I was living on the island of Roatan, Honduras with Phil. Eating baleadas and dreaming of Brittany Bekas Photography. I had run away from Chicago … from advertising … from a life where I was just going through the motions in order to go outside of my comfort zone to find what was next. I was unsure where my life was really headed … I was a little lost. Worried. Anxious. Yet full of passion. Motivation. I was trying to make a dream into reality …. and now …. as I sit at Starbucks waiting to meet a new client. It is real.

It has been an incredible change. The person who I am today … March 26, 2013 … it really is the best version of myself. I’m happy. I’m inspired. I’m living my dream … freezing moments in time for others. And I only hope that in the year ahead …. I continue to grow, change and mature to an even better Brittany.

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  1. Carrie says:

    Beautifully said……

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