Things have been rather quiet on my blog since the holidays. I opted to take a few days off to just focus on friends and family after a whirlwind of a year. I’ll be recapping 2014 this week, so we can relive what a year it has been together (and WHAT a year it has been!). However, I wanted the first post of 2015 to be forward-thinking. Positive energy. Excitement.

Now you guys know, I pretty much LOVE lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, goal lists, packing lists …. they all make my heart sing with joy. Rather than write down some resolutions, I put together a START / STOP / CONTINUE list. Yes, I know, technically these are resolutions, but they feel more attainable (in my mind, at least) written down this way.


I have a pretty hefty list (along with a lot of other goal lists for 2015) but here are just a few things on my START / STOP / CONTINUE list.


1. Taking more photos of my personal life //  This includes friends, family, and what I ate for dinner. Document. it. all. And then do something with those photos. Hello, photo albums and frames.

2. Waking up earlier //Don’t hate me, but I pretty much never use an alarm clock (perk of self-employment).  I let my body decide when I should wake up, however I want to get back into a pattern of waking up early, getting a morning routine established, and structuring my day.

3. Journaling more (or at all) // I used to do this all the time and then I started this blog, and I pretty much stopped. So I picked up this Q&A – 5-Year Journal to get me going again.

4. Drinking more water // Eight 8 oz glasses a day would be the goal. But anything above 2 would be an improvement. I just am never thirsty enough to be reaching for more.



1. Comparing myself to others // This is always a hard one for some reason. I look at others’ success and want it. I see friends at different points in their lives, and I long to be there too. I sometimes think my photos are not what they could be. It is all negative. And I’m trying to eliminate the negative this year.

2. Watching pointless TV shows // Crime shows and Modern Family are NOT included in this because those are fan-tastic. I’m thinking Keeping up with the Kardashians and maybe Millionaire Matchmaker. 

3. Talking about working out – I put it on my calendar. I say I am going to start hitting the gym or joining a fun class … and then…. nothing. If talking about exercising burned calories, I would be winning … big time … but it doesn’t.

4. Making excuses – Just admit why it happened … and move on. Misplacing blame changes nothing.



1. Reading – I read 22 books this year (blog post to come on some of my favorites), and I felt SO good about it. Sure, a lot of the books came off the books-being-made-into-movies list … but the book is ALWAYS better than the movie and it gave me a timeline to get the book read.

2. Saving money – I love seeing those $ adding up. It is nice to have a rainy day and travel fund set aside especially when last minute getaways pop up.

3. Making the bed every morning – It only takes 2 minutes, and it really makes our bedroom look so much better. And I’d so rather get back into it at night when it is a pretty made bed (5 pillows and all) vs a crumpled mess of blankets. Duh.

4. Traveling – I visited 5 countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grand Cayman and the Dominican Republic) in 2014. We are planning out our travel schedule for 2015, and I cannot wait to document our next adventure.


What’s on your START / STOP / CONTINUE list this year?

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